A poem about her

Right here where I stand in Singapore
Is as close as I've ever been to you before
My eyes try to look in your direction
Though I know it's too far for a connection
Still in my heart I know I should set you free,
But I can't as I still want you to be with me.

I know I made mistakes, too many to count
Still this heart is forever yours
There's just no doubt.
So I hope to see our love once more
Or is that now forever a closed door?
This love between us probably has one direction I can't turn now,
I still have to find the intersection
Grateful I still am to this day.
Because of you, these pictures I can portray.
You made find my superpower called wordplay.

You have my heart and dwell in my head
Your caring nature got me to care for you.
I see your concern for your brother, sister and dad.
All your other family members too.
Your dreams and ambitions are still going strong.
You're fulfilling them, though the road is still long.
I used to be a passenger riding along.
Now I'm hitchiking and doing it wrong.

So I wait and stay on this road.
I miss you while I see you go your way.
I might not be able to participate.
The journey is for you alone, so I pray.
Maybe you'll come back or go away.
Either way, a crossroads is soon to come.
As I just have a look which way you will go.
Before I throw hope out of the window.
Until then I'll have faith in God
That He will guide me with His rod.