So this is how the story goes.
Trembling up from the toes
Shattering me to the core.
Hearts got broken in this fire
Disobey God with fleshly desire.
Why didn't I have that self control?
Now I have to pay the toll
See what the devil stole?
It seems he reached his goal.
Deceived, stolen and destroyed.

We were not with three.
There was only you and me
It was something the devil could see.
One chance to ruin a romance.
Nobody for the defense.
His attack got him a point,
Did we lose the game though?
We split up with pain and shame.
Nobody, but myself to blame.
So I turn back to Jesus
As I call upon His name.

Teaming up with Jesus as we go for the win.
I sacrifice my relationship and overcome my sin.
Time to change my ways.
No more living in the grays, but completely in white light.
Only the people around me will see this wonderful sight.
When the devil comes back, Jesus will help me win this fight.
The dying minutes, the start of the resurrection.
Jesus comes to save and does so with perfection.

But until that time comes, I will wait.
I look at the Lord with expectation and faith.
I know it's not too late.
Trusting the Lord, for His timing is great.
My heart wavers faith between 50 and 60.
However, faith over fear, that much is clear.

I long to see you here, but the Lord is the one I fear.
I wish to contact you, but the Lord is the one I hear.
I want to talk to you, but the Lord is now near.
So I wait and keep my distance
While our lives both advance.
My small hope, for us to be together,
I give this to Jesus for a better chance.