Impression of Amazon BCN8 sorting center

Only 30 K.M. from the coast of BCN
Is where packages wait
to get sorted at the 8
The flow on the SPO
sometimes gets distorted
However, rarely aborted
The heart of the system goes in a loop
crossing the packages to a chute
Dropping them like in a hoop.
Tippers bow gaylords away
They do this every day.
Feeding the heart of the system
the intralox way
The operators who are there to stay
Working like sisyphus on a hill
Can't let them be still.
So is Amazons will.

Paradise or hell,
who actually can tell?
VI knows what it can sell.
For the system is running pretty well.
Day in, day out,
Packages get sorted out.
Prime is what it all about
So back they go, in the truck,
a timely matter, independent of luck.
Packages on route to earning our buck.

Like robots trapped in artificial light
How can this mechanical jungle be a nice sight?
Robots playing fetch with a human
Is this all that we can?
Chain a human to a cage,
while we give them a wage.
It's a sore sight, is it even humane.
Looking at it would make anyone insane.
Working like a physical drain.
Maybe everyone is fine, but I'm just sayin'
Futile packages, all for capital gain.
While lives are wasted, all in vain.