Or just how I am handling this season....

I am Jewish so, I celebrate Hanukkah, but I don't mind everyone else celebrating Christmas, because a) Jesus was Jewish non? And b) they have many things in common.. Hanukkah is the festival of lights and Christmas entails people stringing up lights on their homes and trees... and hopefully not their clothes.... a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. (If you haven't seen what I'm referring to, then have a link.)

My roomie is Christian and she is listening to traditional Christmas music. I am enjoying it too. I put on Hanukkah music on our echo mini dot... and people don't seem to mind. :)

Something off topic: this

I used to have great fun with my sister but everyone wondered who the heck we were talking to... it was too funny to have people barge in and ask "Who are you talking to?!" It's making me smile and giggle as I write this. ^^

Better hit the hay... Bon nuit!! Sam aka BeeHappy