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Installing a cloud server with full disk encryption

Making things a bit harder from remote spies (nothing more)

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Hits als klingelton kostenlos

Nicht nur schnöde Fitness

Wie hin und zurück?

Gedanken zum Langstrecken-Pendeln

Twitch more than doubled over the last year

Musik im Leben 2021

Willkommen auf dem Minunityblog

Hier stelle ich Euch meinem Blog vor.

Audio Test

Plume Development 2021-03-29

Command to remove duplicated images

Erste Schritte

Pourquoi Richard M. Stallman est un mauvais représentant du libre

Si il a été le premier a comprendre intuitivement les enjeux autour du logiciel, Stallman est aujourd'hui dépassé sur de nombreuses questions sociales autour et au delà du libre.

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Audio Test

Distro-hopping in Dreamland (I)

No, I'm not going to fix more weird linejumps

Flashing a custom ROM for the (first?) time



Disney Plus... or Minus?

What is the real price of Disney Plus, and is it worth it?

Privacy Tip: Install a Tracker Blocker

One way your web activity is used against you, and how to stop it


A poem composed to recount the night before. Moments of breathless being.

Police translation - A boon for law enforcement officer

Freedom through words

Inspired by the movie Blinded by the light


A poem about her


Or just how I am handling this season....

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